Let us introduce to our poets … Liz Berry, Kayo Chingonyi, Sarah Howe, William Letford, Amy Key, Karen McCarthy Woolf, John McCullough, Richard O’Brien, Liane Strauss and Tom Warner.

When not pounding the UK’s motorways in its poetry tour van, Jaybird hangs out at poetry readings and in bookshops, hoping to encounter astonishing images, beauteous ideas and heartbreaking music. We found all three in these ten poets, we’re delighted to be working with them on this new project.

One_Poem_by_Each_Astronaut Here is one poem from each of the featured poets, together with details of their books and pamphlets.


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  1. Marian Anderson says:

    ‘I gaze from my kitchen like an astronaut’, I saw the show at The Beacon in Hastings. It was a delight, varied and strong. We had a beautiful evening which would only have been improved if we were able to recall more of the poetry and had some more permanent reminder.

    • juliabird says:

      Delighted you enjoyed it, Marian! I’ve just put some poems up – one each by Amy, Billy, Sarah and Tom who performed in Hastings … and one by all the other poets who are part of the project.

  2. Sarah Palmer says:

    Dear Poets, Director and Producer
    I saw the ‘gaze like an astronaut’ show in Hastings as part of Coastal Currents.
    I did not know what to expect and I was a bit wary as reading and listening to poetry is not always easy for me as an art form.
    The show allowed me to really engage with the poetry, be close to the poets, hear the nuances of the words and be transported to the place and feelings they were expressing.
    At moments during the show I became moved in unexpected ways and the use of subtle props gently enhanced the speaking. There was a reflective energy and immediacy which drew me in and made me want to hear more!
    I would recommend it very very highly to children, young adults and everyone really who does not think poetry is for them. Thank you Jaybird.

  3. Paulene says:

    wonderful, warm, unexpected, funny, moving, emotional and engaging…..in fact, just smashing!

  4. juliabird says:

    Thank you!

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