Jaybird … authors, audience and alchemy

Jaybird brings writers, performers, readers and audiences together to make literature sing.

Established in 2006 by poet and literature promoter Julia Bird, the organisation works with writers, publishers, festivals, promoters and educators to devise and manage projects to develop, entertain and edify bookish audiences.

I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut is the fourth Jaybird-produced touring poetry show. Previous shows were Tilting the Mirror (with Jean Sprackland, Greta Stoddart and the work of Ray Robinson, 2007-8), You Are Here (with Colette Bryce, Daljit Nagra and Jo Shapcott, 2010) and What Are They Whispering? (Imtiaz Dharker, Joe Dunthorne and John Stammers, 2011).

I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut is directed by Phoebe Stout, and generously supported by Arts Council England.

Contact Us


07768 012645

Facebook: jaybirdliveliterature
Twitter: @jaybirdlivelit 

Amy, Karen, Kayo, John and Richard also tweet at


Our trainee directors are Harry Mackrill and Colette McCarthy.


Please contact us for show specs, tech requirements and costs.



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