I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut
a poetry show

You walk into a bar. Someone pulls you a pint and recites a poem. You visit the library. There’s a poet hidden between the shelves, giving a reading to a crowd of three. In the gunroom, ballroom and greenhouse of your local stately home, there are poets performing ten minute tasters of their work. The words and ideas they share are intimate, beautiful, intense.

The poets featured in I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut work with a director to create their performances, using movement and props to highlight and underscore their work. They blend poetry and theatre to create live literature.

The poets are Liz Berry, Kayo Chingonyi, Sarah Howe, Amy Key, William Letford, Karen McCarthy Woolf, John McCullough, Richard O’Brien, Liane Strauss and Tom Warner. They tour the UK in various combinations throughout 2012 – come and return their gaze.

(The show’s title is a line from John’s poem ‘The Light of Venus’)


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