A busy week – rehearsing Tom, Karen and Liz. Three poets in four days. You’ll see from Karen and Phoebe’s post-rehearsal photo just how pressing our in-built deadline to complete this part of the production process is.

Karen’s show is another quiet one, but devastatingly affecting. Red eyes and cleared throats in the rehearsal room. She tells us that Neruda’s poem about the Octobrine bird has been a guiding spirit in the creation of the poems we’re  working with, read more details here.



Liz’ show has a very different mood, making the most of her amazing Black Country dialect poems. We asked her to explain some of the words she uses …

Black Country / Standard

wench /affectionate name for a female
yowm / you are
cut / canal
tranklement /bits & bobs or ornaments
onds /hands
jimmucking / shaking
babby / little child
donny /hand

… and we’ve been throwing those gorgeous vowels and consonants out as far as we can get them. Read more here.


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