Billy hard at work in a very warm rehearsal room yesterday. Here’sone of the poems that we’re going to be working with. Billy’s day job is a roofer, we asked him about it over lunch. When you’re up on the roof, close to the sun, the stars, the gods and the birds, are you also closer to the poems?

‘There are many many mundane tasks that need to be carried out on the roof – moving piles of slates from here to there – so my mind is free to think about poems. And you can peek into people’s gardens too.’

We’ve heard you write poems into the roofs you’re building, is that right?

‘Oh yes. When you’re taking an old roof off, you can find the pencil marks from the original joiners who built the roof. Maybe in fifty or sixty years time someone will mend my roofs and find my poems like a time capsule.’





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