First day rehearsing – Amy on the left and Phoebe the director on the right (plus Phoebe’s own little astronaut, due to make his / her debut in the summer). We are playing with the idea of a boudoir setting for the ‘uncomfortable beauty’ of Amy’s poems. And here’s our first Lunchtime Interview …

So Amy, we’re half way through today’s rehearsal. It’s lunchtime, and we’re peckish, listening to the feast of food imagery in your poems. Tell us about it!

Lots of the food items in my poems symbolise the luxury or decadence that I’d like to be in my world and I guess that I wanted to borrow the sensuous qualities of caviar and caramel, or everyday luxury like roast potatoes, so I don’t have to be quite so overt when I’m talking about other pleasure like sex or love. Also, I love cooking and food, and it’s foremost in my mind. I watch Nigella’s high camp cooking commentary, and read vintage cookery books, and I think – yeah, I’ll nick some of that. It’s also a reaction to the austerity measures – I can have a champagne lifestyle in my poems on my real life beer money.

Lovely, thank you. We’re off to the sandwich shop now. What’s your favourite sandwich, Amy?

Cheap white bread, salt & vinegar crisps and cheese OR fancy cured meats in fancy bread. With cheese.


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